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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Abstract Art, by Douglas Ram Samuj, converted into a scarf, by The Scarf Moment

The scarf in these photos is made from vintage fabric designed and hand-printed by the late textile artist Douglas Ram Samuj. He was an Australian emigre to the United States, of Indian descent, arriving here in the 1960s. He established a workshop in Los Angeles where he made limited amounts of hand block-printed fabrics in abstract designs. In fact, his designs have a very abstract expressionist look. Douglas Ram Samuj fabrics are rare now and The Scarf Moment was fortunate to acquire this purple and black cotton, which we've made into the dramatic scarf Tziporah Salamon is wearing here with a Chinese coat from her extensive collection of vintage ethnic clothing. I have two other color variations of this Douglas Ram Samuj design that I will show in an upcoming post, and you can see some earlier scarves I made from Ram Samuj fabrics here and here.

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