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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sixties Stained Glass

This early sixties fabric makes me imagine a modern stained glass window design. It has various patterns embedded in an overall honeycomb design, in shades of earthy oranges and browns, though the design itself is not very earthy. The fabric is a very soft satin weave cotton. I backed this with plain black satin weave cotton. Cotton on cotton makes for a great "all-weather" scarf. Thanks to my friend Pamela for modeling this one.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Green and gray silk: handpainted?

This green and gray early 60's silk looks like it is handpainted with watercolors but in fact it is a print. I backed it with a gray and black herringbone wool suiting material, which gives it a masculine look. Good for men or women. Also available backed with black cotton satin (sateen!) for a lighter weight.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Marimekko roses

Masha is wearing a scarf sewn from vintage Marimekko fabric that came from a duvet that I found in an antiques shipment from Denmark. I took apart the old duvet and cut the fabric into strips to make scarves. The print was designed in 1965 by Maija Isola: it's called Maalaisruusu. It seems to be available again but not in this color. 100% cotton, backed with black linen. A great weight for spring or fall.

Douglas Ram Samuj

These are some of the first scarves I made when I started this project a few months ago. The printed material was made by the late Douglas Ram Samuj who came to Los Angeles from Australia, in the sixties, to create hand printed fabrics. I had a very limited quantity of this 1960's linen fabric. I was able to make just a couple of short scarves. But I have a few other Douglas Ram Samuj fabrics, so check here later for more scarves from his wonderful hand printed fabrics. I backed this with linen/rayon blend fabric in a matching shade of blue.