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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Guest blogger Rick, and a colorful striped scarf!

My friend Rick is not only good-looking, he's a professional writer too. I'm not bad looking but I can't say I'm a great writer so I asked Rick, who is this post's model, to write his own copy:

Greetings fellow scarf-wearers!

My name is Rick Galiher. And I make an effort to try something new everyday. I normally wear grey and other faded colors to blend in, but my buddy Charles convinced me to try sporting his spiffy, striped scarf that is almost as colorful as my life. 

Just in this year I have: 

-Received a Best Actor trophy for my portrayal of Dracula
-Dressed as the Easter Bunny and hiked up Runyon Canyon with my dog, Henry
-Interviewed and promoted Angelyne The Billboard Queen for 3 months
-Collected more low-brow artwork than at any point in my life
-Commissioned artists for the first time
-Co-curated an art show at Copro Gallery that will open on December 10th, my 38th birthday
-Written a line of greetings cards and postcards available in December
-Worked as an advertising copywriter
-Gone on my now-yearly 2 week eating binge at the best LA restaurants with my mother
-Begun work on my first screenplay
-Purchased a handmade scarf that has brightened my whole outlook on life

Look me up sometime at
Oh, and by the way, the scarf is made of striped cotton on one side and purple raw silk on the other.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sally Go 'round the Roses

The Jaynetts had a hit in in 1963 called Sally Go 'round the Roses. But here we have the roses going 'round Sally. Our model Sally is wearing a new scarf made from vintage fabric that might possibly be from the era of the Jaynetts hit song: roses in many colors on a green background, in this case with red silk on the reverse. I also made some with green silk on the back. Sally works at Svenska Mobler, where the Scarf Moment had a trunk show last year.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The 2011 Scarf Moment Has Arrived!

It's a few days after Labor Day 2011, the unofficial beginning of Fall, and the Scarf Moment is gearing up for a busy scarf season ahead. I've been sewing all summer and I have dozens of new styles for the upcoming season, as always, made with vintage fabrics. I'll be posting the new scarves, one at a time over the next few weeks.
The first scarf I present to you, for Fall, 2011, is modeled by dashing Solomon. The scarf has a vintage wool plaid on one side and soft, grey, cotton velvet on the other. I've also made up a few of these with black cotton satin in place of the velvet. Both the satin and the velvet styles are suitable for people with wool sensitivities. You can keep the cotton next to your skin and the wool on the outside for warmth and style without itchiness. Coming soon to a crafts fair near you!